ENTER TO WIN!!: Free Buckycube Giveaway

LAST CHANCE TO ENTER, CONTEST ENDS FRIDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT PACIFIC. Alright folks, it's that time -- I've got 10 (TEN!) sets of Buckycubes to give away....
September 22, 2011

Hip To Be Square: Buckyballs, Now In Cubes

Hip to be square -- LOLOL! Alternatively, let's stick together. F*** I hate myself. Buckyballs, the magnetic sensation you're NOT supposed to swallow despite how good they...
September 12, 2011

Graphene: The Material Of Tomorrow, Today

Science, best known for inventing robots and dooming the earth, is now responsible for a new carbon wonder material called graphene. Nice, science, way to do good...
July 9, 2009