Contacts That Beam Info Directly Into Your Eyeball

Wait -- IT'S 2011?! Thanks bionic contact! Because the University of Washington obviously doesn't take threats written on bar napkins and addressed to "you Terminator loving pencil-peens"...
November 23, 2011

Guy Loses Leg, Opts For Cyborg Prosthetic

Reddit user captaincripple lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and has since had a custom-painted prosthetic made. This is it. It looks half-human, half-robotic, 100% something...
March 23, 2011

New Zealand Company's REX Bionic Legs

Look down -- what do you see? A Cheeto-dusted penis? Wash your hands after snacking. But for those of you looking at a nonfunctional lower half, there's...
July 15, 2010