big daddy

GOOD JOB: Bioshock Big Daddy LEGO Sculpture

This is the Bioshock Big Daddy sculpture built by Finnish LEGO lover Pate-Keetongu. Apparently this particular Big Daddy has made a habit out of skipping calf day...
January 3, 2013

Sweet Underwateroil Bioshock Case Mod

It's not actually water, it's mineral oil. Did you know you can submerge computer components in mineral oil (except spinning drives) for liquid cooling? Because you can...
October 5, 2010

AMAAAZING Bioshock Cosplay At Aquarium

This is an amazing Big Daddy/Little Sister cosplay gallery taken at the Georgia Aquarium courtesy of the amazing talent of Harrison Krix, who made the Big Daddy...
November 22, 2009