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Looks Last Minute: Cartoon Cosplay Wedding

Seen here donning their best (but still very bad) Jessica Rabbit and Superman costumes, English couple Nyssa Pratten, 19 and Rob Taverner, 32 (CRADLE ROBBER!) tied the...
February 25, 2011

Geekologie Readers Find Love On Omegle

Remember the article from a while ago about Omegle, the website that gets you randomly chatting to some stranger with candy? Well two Geekologie Readers hooked up...
September 1, 2009

I Hear Wedding Bells!: A Match Made In Halo

John Henry and Desirai Labrada (PsychoVandal and SickNdehed, respectively) met playing Halo in 2004 and are now getting married in a Halo themed wedding at this year's...
December 15, 2008