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Samus Aran Mural Made From Game Cartridges

This is a "life-size" (~5'8" if she were standing upright) mural of Samus Aran made from painted Nintendo game cartridges from different systems. It was originally commissioned...
November 30, 2011

Ancient Cthulhu/Kraken Made Self Portraits?

According to a recent abstract presented to the Geological Society of America, paleontologist Mark McMenamin suggests that a giant ancient cephalopod drew pictures of its own tentacled...
October 11, 2011

Frame Napkin Turn Messes Into Masterpieces

The Frame Napkin is a $40 fabric napkin with a frame silk-screened on it. That way, after you're finished stuffing your face like a glutton, you've created...
July 12, 2010