Smooth Criminals: Thieves Ass-Dial 911, Get Busted

20-year old failures Nathan Teklemariam and Carson Rinehart were arrested after accidentally butt-dialing 911 during a car burglary spree. That...is a really unfortunate butt-dial (and I know...
May 17, 2013

FCC: Ability To Text 911 Coming Soon?

Because actually placing calls is soooooo 90's, the FCC is working out the logistics of being able to text 911 during an emergency. What could possible go...
November 23, 2010

Mother Calls 911 Over Son's Video Gaming

A Boston mother (think terrier, but human-er) recently called 911 on her 14-year old son after finding him playing video games at 2:30 one morning, long after...
December 22, 2009