Two Kinds Of Time-Travel!: TARDIS/DeLorean Mashup

Note: Larger version HERE. This is a TARDIS DeLorean (TarDeLorean) Photoshopped together by artist Pacta for a DeLorean themed photo-manipulation contest. If it were real, I would...
August 15, 2012

Tsintaosaurus: The Sexiest Dino I Ever Saw

Tsintaosaurus was like the unicorn of the Cretaceous Period. Except, instead of corns, they had penises growing out of their heads. Thanks, God! Tsintaosaurus was a duck-billed...
June 18, 2010

Conspiracy!: The Truth About Dinosaurs

You know, I always thought it was a little hard to believe that dinosaurs could have actually evolved. Know what I mean? The sexy factor. But you...
December 6, 2009