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Study: Early Humans And Neanderthals Sexed

Picture related: sexy-time. One look at me and it may come as no surprise, but according to a recent study by an international team of scientists, there's...
July 19, 2011

Hey Good Lookin': Sessy LEGO Triceratops

This is Pokey, a robotic LEGO triceratops made by the same person who built Robo-Rex. Now I know what you're all wondering, so I'll just go ahead...
July 18, 2011

Avatar Guy, Now With 1,000% More Ass-Tats

Note: Uncensored (and squeezable looking!) buttcheeks after the jump. So yeah, Avatar tattoo guy decided to get some Na'vi (NOT navy) blue stripes flaming out from between...
July 4, 2011