BEEP BOOP BUZZ: R2-D2 And All His Tools

R2-D2, best known for having to put up with that whiny gold asshole all the time, is actually a pretty handy little droid to have around. He...
December 17, 2009

Forget Gnomes, How About A Garden Jawa?

Tired of those creepy little gnomes hanging out in your garden? Well how about a creepy little Jawa?! Available for pre-order from the StarWarsShop, the $35 lawn...
November 12, 2009

Not Just For Vampires: Blood Energy Drink

Blood Energy Potion is a $6 energy drink (availableJanuary 2010) that was made to look -- and have the same nutritional value -- of real blood. That's...
September 28, 2009