Microsoft Holodesk 3-D Interactive Display

This is a video of Microsoft's interactive Holodesk 3-D See-Through Display. Using it, you can manipulate virtual objects with your hands. Unfortunately, you can't actually "feel" the...
October 21, 2011

WTF: A Trivia-Asking, Drink Dispensing Dress

Seen here looking like something I'd kill in a video game, a woman displays the DareDroid 2.0, an interactive dress that rewards 'Truth or Dare' participants with...
June 29, 2011

The pCubee: An Interactive 3-D Box Display

NOTE: Video is after the jump. The pCubee isn't just poorly named, it's a "perspective-corrected handheld cubic display". Well look at you and your fancy terminology! I'm...
March 31, 2010