Turn Your Grill's Gas Tank Into A LEGO Head

Want to turn your grill's propane tank ("I'M A CHARCOAL MAN, DAMMIT!") into a giant LEGO minifig head? Cool, there's an Instructable online about how to do...
September 8, 2011

Wearable LEGO Master Chief Helmet

This is a wearable LEGO Master Chief helmet designed and built by Ben Caulkins (no relation to Macaulay -- that he'll admit). It looks infinitely better than...
November 17, 2010

Ya Best Protect Ya Neck: Airbag Helmets

There's nothing worse than getting hit by a car riding a bike (but cars can't ride bikes!). Kidding, there are much worse things, like getting hit by...
October 20, 2010