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Detroiters Raise $$$ To Erect Robocop Statue

After suggesting the city erect a Robocop statue, Detroit mayor Dave Bing quickly shot the idea down, Tweeting (TWEETING?!) ""There are not any plans to erect a...
February 17, 2011

iPhone 4 Drops For Verizon February 10th

Are you trying to steal the Geekologie font-fade?! In news that shouldn't surprise anybody who keeps abreast (or even abutt) of tech rumors, Apple and Verizon have...
January 11, 2011

It's Scientific: Bacon Cures Hangovers

In a study that surprises nobody who's woken up still Tyrannosaurus Wrecked from the night before in a puddle of someone else's urine and eaten the breakfast...
April 27, 2009