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Tsintaosaurus: The Sexiest Dino I Ever Saw

Tsintaosaurus was like the unicorn of the Cretaceous Period. Except, instead of corns, they had penises growing out of their heads. Thanks, God! Tsintaosaurus was a duck-billed...
June 18, 2010

What The World's Smallest Car Looks Like

This is what the world's smallest (but not the lowest) street-legal car looks like. Because this is the world's smallest street-legal car. I don't know if you...
May 16, 2009

Another Montauk Monster Washes Ashore

Remember the Montauk Monster? It's back. Well, another one at least. Escaped from the same top secret government facility as the first, this monster washed up on...
May 11, 2009