For Zombie Slayin': The Husqvarna 355Fx

Everybody has their own personal weapon preference when it comes to braining zombies. Some prefer shotguns, others crowbars, and I like to swing my penis around like...
June 17, 2010

Let's Try It On Your Arm!: Alligator Loppers

Two chainsaw posts in a row, you all know what that means. WEE-WOO, WEE-WOO, WEE-WOO!! Blue-light special in the power tools department! I swear these things have...
May 17, 2010

Geekologie Reader Makes Zombie Chainsaw

Geekologie Reader and tattoo artist Jak went and decorated a chainsaw with some extra zombie-killing flair. Because Jak doesn't just want to cut the heads off zombies,...
May 17, 2010