Meet Adam Dipert, the Space Juggler

August 2, 2021


This is a series of videos demonstrating space juggling as performed by physicist and circus performer Adam Dipert who goes by, well, The Space Juggler. If you're wondering what space juggling is just trust you're gut because you're probably correct.

When learning to juggle in weightlessness, the first thing to understand is that the balls will move in straight lines. They will not move in parabolas like we're all used to.

Okay, okay, technically he isn't actually juggling in space. He's using a harness and juggling on the floor to simulate zero gravity. It's still very neat, but if you find yourself outraged by these videos it's perfectly understandable. It hurts to be sold a space juggler and then presented with a ceiling-hanging floor juggler. It's like every time I show up for a Tinder date and the other person wonders why I'm suddenly not Timothée Chalamet like my name and pictures suggested.

Keep going for a bunch of videos of Adam "space" juggling as well as a video showing how he came up with the idea and his rig to simulate the zero-g environment. No, he's not in space but it's still very neat.

3 Ball:

3 Ball Shower:

3 Balls Spinning:

4 Balls Parallel:

4b to 5b - Shower-Windmill-Shower

An interview with Adam Dipert showing how he came up with the idea and the rig he's using:

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