This guy got punched by a mantis shrimp

July 9, 2021


If you're not familiar with mantis shrimp, they're weird little guys that can see through 12 channels of color (we can see three: red, green, and blue) and also pack the most powerful punch in the animal kingdom. Well this guy went fishing and ended up catching a mantis shrimp which proceeded to immediately punch him in the foot, tearing through his boot and causing him to bleed.

There are videos of these things punching through crab shells so he's lucky he just ended up with a tiny bloody punch mark. From the videos I've watched on the internet I half expected his foot to just explode in a puff of mist.

Keep going for the full video. After getting punched in the foot the guy keeps the mantis shrimp near his crotch which seems like an overall terrible idea.

And a mantis shrimp punching off a crab arm:

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