Lunar transit of the International Space Station

July 19, 2021


This is clear and stable footage of the International Space Station transiting the moon on July 16, 2021 taken using only an iPhone 12 Pro and an eyepiece from a telescope.

Here is a slo-mo video of the July 16 lunar transit of the international space station (ISS) taken with my iPhone 12 Pro close-coupled to the 16mm eyepiece of my Questar 3.5 telescope. A lucky capture, as the ISS appeared only 3 degrees below the moon before the transit began, with the entire sequence lasting less than seven seconds.

The video is exactly what it says but I recommend watching on mute since there's a noise at the end that appears to be the call of Cthulhu and kind of ruins the wondrous nature of the whole thing.

Keep going for the video.

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