Intense video of a paddleboarder saved by his lifejacket and waterproof phone pouch

July 30, 2021


This is intense footage of a paddleboarder who was saved by his waterproof phone pouch because it allowed him to make the phone call you're about to hear.

When Alfie got into difficulty while paddleboarding, not only was he wearing a lifejacket that kept him afloat, but he was also carrying his phone with him in a waterproof pouch.

After alerting the Coastguard that he was in danger, volunteers from Abersoch RNLI launched their lifeboat and raced to the scene to pull Alfie from the water.

When afloat, always wear a lifejacket and carry a means of calling for help.

Bravo to the operator as well as Alfie for collectively keeping their cool and giving this story a happy ending. PFD or not, if I was in the same situation I don't think I'd have the wherewithal to call the coastguard to save my life. No, my final phone call would be to my internet girlfriend who refuses to video chat with me but I know she's definitely real and loves me because she lets me send her money.

Keep going for the full video. It's easy to dismiss because Alfie has a lifejacket on, but you can tell the fear in his voice is real.

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