Firework thrown into a convertible over July Fourth

July 8, 2021


This is infuriating footage of a July Fourth firework being thrown into a convertible in Nashville.

Around 10:15 p.m. Sunday night, Colin Kirby was leaving the city after watching the July Fourth fireworks when a lit firework was tossed into his open convertible.

"They lit it, then rolled down the window and threw it," said Colin Kirby. "At the same time, they went around the corner."

Kirby was driving in his convertible with a friend when people in a white car pulled up beside him. Someone in the backseat tossed the firework which landed behind Kirby's head.

Miraculously, Kirby and his passenger weren't seriously injured by the flaming firework.

The damage to his car is much worse. The firework singed the folded convertible top, trim and door of his car.

If these morons actually get arrested they should be charged with attempted manslaughter as well as extreme boneheadedness. Is extreme boneheadedness a crime? I didn't go to law school but I'm pretty sure it's as serious as murder.

Keep going for the full video. It's pretty godamn ridiculous.

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