This guy has the biggest mouth in the world

June 18, 2021


Guinness World Records recently awarded Isaac Johnson the title of biggest mouth in the world, although according to my girlfriend this record belongs to me. Oh, wait, this is talking about the literal largest mouth, not just constant jabbering.

Isaac Johnson from Bloomington, Minnesota has won back the title for the largest male mouth gape. He first won the title back in 2019 but lost it shortly after. However, two years later, his mouth has grown and can now stretch over 10 centimeters wide!

It says he won the record, lost the record, and then won the record back after his mouth grew, which I think is another way of saying he spent the last two years stretching his mouth out with weird contraptions. I'm pretty sure if he lost the record again he'd end up Jokering his mouth to get it back.

Keep going for the full video showing him put random things in his mouth. It's intriguing yet also kind of gross.

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