Drone crashes into Icelandic volcano while trying to film eruption

June 3, 2021


Joey Helms lost his DJI drone to a lava fountain while trying to film Iceland's newly erupting volcano Fagradalsfjall and here's the footage from its final flight.

Watch the brand new DJI FPV drone crash right into the exploding lava fountain of Iceland's newest volcano - Fagradalsfjall in the Geldingadalir valley. This unique HD footage provides a rare view right into the volcano's caldera and lava fountain during one of its geysir-like eruptions.

FPV drones are notorious for crashing, it is part of the hobby. So in an effort to get a unique vantage point and perspective into the crater we flew this remarkably capable drone as close to the lava river and caldera as possible. One of it turned out to be it's very last flight. At least the goggles record a great 1080p image allowing us to actually capture the last seconds the drone saw.

Hard to say if this was intentional or not but I do wish there was a second drone capturing the crash of the first drone. Is crash even the right word? Melting? Lava...ing? It's actually surprising the drone even made it as far as it did. I don't know if you know this, but turns out lava is actually pretty hot.

Keep going for the video. It's not particularly exciting, but the footage of the lava and volcano are actually pretty nice.

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