Bo Burnham's 'White Woman's Instagram' from his Netflix special 'Inside'

June 11, 2021


This is Bo Burnham's White Woman Instagram song from his Netflix special Inside. I already posted Bo Burnham's Welcome to the Internet video, but he's a one man content machine and I can't help but support the man. I feel like eventually I'll just be posting the entire Netflix special in pieces as it's uploaded to YouTube and I 100% have no problem with that. Again, Bo did everything you see in this video by himself, alone, while in lockdown during the pandemic. That means writing the music, performing the music, filming himself, editing the video, and literally everything else besides lay down the infrastructure for the Internet that you're using to watch it.

Keep going for the video and then watch his special on Netflix. Again, this isn't a paid sponsorship, it's just really, really, really good. Although if you're not into the two videos I've posted it's probably not for you.

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