A group of Boston Dynamics Spot robots dancing to BTS's 'IONIQ'

June 30, 2021


To celebrate the purchase of Boston Dynamics by Hyundai, Boston Dynamics released this video of Spot robots dancing to BTS's IONIQ: I'm On It, which I guess is a song made for Hyundai about wanting to bang a car?

It's weird enough that a South Korean boy band made a song about a car, but now they got a robotics company to make a music video for the K-pop song about the car. I don't fully grasp what's happening between BTS, Hyundai, and Boston Dynamics, but whatever it is I bet it isn't good for society.

Keep going for the full video as well as the original BST IONIQ music video which is part music video part car commercial. Actually it's just full car commercial.

And the original "music video" which is more commercial than music video.

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