This lunatic made a whip out of large chains

May 5, 2021


This topless lunatic made a whip out of large chains and it looks like he stepped out of an anime. Also, it looks like he almost exploded his own head with that first whip. I mean, I'm not a whip expert or anything but I'm pretty sure the whip isn't supposed to come flying back and create a huge shockwave inches from your face? But props to him for carrying on and continuing to demonstrate his death machine. If it was me I would've given up after the first near-death attempt and taken up knitting instead.

Keep going for the full video. I dig this guy's energy and hope to see more from him assuming he doesn't accidentally kill himself.

Probably the worst hold music of all time

I'm on hold with my bank and this is the shit they are playing 😐😐— hsky the god (@jkmb) June 24, 2020 Twitter user @jkmb posted the...
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