James May explains a design flaw with the Tesla Model S

May 13, 2021


This is a video of James May explaining a critical design flaw with the Tesla Model S. Basically, even though the Tesla has a giant battery in it that runs the entire car, it also has one of those tiny regular 12v car batteries that powers the doors and hood and pretty much anything else that lets you actually access the car. For some reason the 12v battery doesn't get topped off by the bigger giant battery so if it dies you're essentially locked out of the car and the only way to charge it is to disassemble your Tesla because to access the 12v battery you need to pop the hood that's powered by the dead 12v battery. So there ya go. The reason I'll never buy a Tesla Model S. That, and the fact that they cost money and I don't have any of that stuff.

Keep going for the full weirdly mesmerizing video. I could listen to James May talk about anything.

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