Google's Project Starline is like a magic window for video chatting

May 20, 2021


Google recently announced Project Starline, a video chat booth that uses computer vision, machine learning, spatial audio, real-time compression, and a specialized light field display system to create a life-size 3D holographic representation of the person you're chatting with. In other words, they took FaceTime and threw a bunch of money and research into it to create the illusion of having somebody sitting on the other side of a window from you.

The current setup is only for use in Google offices since it uses custom-built hardware and highly specialized equipment, but the results look extremely promising for the future of video chat. And by the future of video chat I obviously mean porn. Connecting with loved ones is great and all but, I mean, c'mon. Let's be real here.

Keep going for the full video and check out the official Project Starline announcement for more. Although I don't know if it's their color scheme or what, but all of their demo footage makes it look like family members visiting each other in prison.

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