Drone footage shows California's great white sharks are everywhere and closer than you think

May 24, 2021


TheMalibuArtist is a drone operator who shoots footage of great white sharks off the coast of California. Well turns out he has a bunch of footage because apparently great white sharks are godamn everywhere. From The Los Angeles Times:

Researchers had long wondered how sharks, beyond the rare bites that make headlines, behave around people. Were they curious? Were they skittish? Or did they just ignore them?

"So far it looks like sharks just don't care," said Lowe.

"The surfers can't see them, the swimmers can't see them. But we can now see them from the air. And in those cases the sharks just don't seem to change their path," Lowe added. "Sometimes they'll swim right under a surfer, but they don't circle back. They just keep going."

So turns out this kind of thing has always been happening, it just wasn't until we had drones that we could actually see it. Judging by the videos, it seems like every time you step onto a California beach you're about 100 meters from a great white shark. Which is really just another way of saying I'm never stepping into the ocean again.

Keep going for some of TheMalibuArtist's videos (or check out all of his videos on his YouTube page), including one where a great white shark follows a family for 10 minutes, one where a surfer unknowingly touches a great white shark, and one where a giant great white sharks swims incredibly close to a surfer.

Great White Shark follows a family:

Surfer unknowingly touches a great white shark:

Great white shark gets incredibly closer to a surfer:

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