This autonomous tracking drone is frighteningly capable

April 5, 2021


This is a video putting Skydio's Skydio 2 autonomous tracking drone to the test and it works frighteningly well. First they track a person running through the woods, then a car driving under a bridge, then test out it's electromagnetic shielding. And the results? Well turns out this is the perfect stalking tool because it was able to keep up with everything they were doing.

The Skydio 2 uses six 200 degree 4k color cameras to get 45 megapixels of visual sensing which it computes with AI to help navigate. Obviously the intended use case is for personal filming of sports and activities, but if you decided to just aim it on a subject I'm not entirely sure what they could do to escape aside from shooting it down. The good news is that it's still as loud as every other drone so I'd like to see a stalker actually try and use it. It's hard to be creepy and stealthy when there's a flying vacuum cleaner following you around.

Keep going for the full test video as well as Skydio's own promo video. The Skydio 2 costs $999 and you can reserve them here.

And Skydio's official promo video:

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