Man finds 15,000 bees in car after grocery shopping for 10 minutes

April 2, 2021


A man was shopping at Albertsons and when he got back to his car it had been invaded by 15,000 bees:

He had just finished grocery shopping, but a New Mexico man got much more than he bargained for when he returned to his car in the store's parking lot: A swarm of 15,000 honey bees had taken over the back seat.

The man, whose name was not released, had left a window down in a Buick while he made a 10-minute stop at an Albertsons supermarket on Sunday afternoon in Las Cruces, N.M., the authorities said.

That isn't a stock image of a beehive superimposed onto a stock image of a car. That's the guy's actual car after he finished shopping. That's what he came back to. He ended up calling 911 and an off-duty firefighter relocated the hive, though I personally would've skipped the phone call and just accepted my new life as a bee chauffeur.


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