A Japanese biker used FaceApp to trick the internet into thinking he was a young woman

April 20, 2021


A Japanese TV show revealed the popular Twitter user @azusagakuyuki was actually a 50-year-old man named Soya and he had been using photo editing apps to swap out his face.

Soya told the TV programme Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi (Sitting Up Late From Monday) that he had wanted to increase his presence on social media and believed people would prefer to see a "younger beautiful woman" rather than an old "uncle".

"No-one will read what a normal middle-aged man, taking care of his motorcycle and taking pictures outside, posts on his account," he said.

Well this is awkward. *zips up pants* But, I mean... *unzips pants*

Keep going for some more pictures, some internet reactions, as well as the unmasking segment from Japanese TV show Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi.

And the video segment from Getsuyou Kara Yofukashi.

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