XXXX Swatchbook is a book made out of 4 colors and 291,647 stitches

March 22, 2021


XXXX Swatchbook is an art project by Evelin Kasikov exploring the idea of printing without ink, basically "printing" each of the CMYK colors by stitching them into the book.

This book is about print, but printed without a trace of ink. It is a personal project that I have been slowly working on past 6 years. This massive project brings together my love for book design and my experimental approach to craft.

The book is made of:

4 colours
16 elements
400 colour combinations
219.647 stitches

In the four colour printing process, the patterns of small overlapping dots create full range of colour. Here the process is tactile and three-dimensional. My inks are threads in CMYK colours: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. All elements in the book are hand-embroidered: the swatches, the title pages, the grid papers, and binding.

Now she just needs to recreate a Where's Waldo book using the same technique. Sure, it'll probably take her a decade or two, but once this pandemic is over I'd love to be able to read a Where's Waldo book the size of a dining table.

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