Lunatic speed rides through an alpine resort

March 24, 2021


This is video of speed rider Valentin Delluc speed riding through an alpine resort. I wasn't sure what speed riding was so I had to look it up, but it's basically paragliding on skis.

Always known for pushing his limits by combining freestyle and speedriding, Valentin Delluc is back at it again--but this time he's taking on the deserted alpine resort Avoriaz. From the cables of the chairlifts to barrels, keys and wall rides, the French speedrider uses the empty French Alps resort as his own personal playground to pull off some insane tricks he's never even done before.

With huge logistical feats and some technical headaches, From Alvoriaz with Love is the ultimate test for one of the world's best speedriders. Can he pull it off?

Somehow this guy is still alive despite living a life that includes voluntarily flying into and bouncing off of buildings using a tiny parachute and skis. Meanwhile I almost died the other day trying to get a bowl of popcorn out of the microwave with one hand.

Keep going for the full video which was obviously made in collaboration with Red Bull.

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