LEGO is making a NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set

March 25, 2021


LEGO is releasing a 2,354-piece replica of NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery. It's made to 1:70 the scale of the actual spacecraft and also includes a replica of the Hubble Telescope.

The new LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, which was developed in collaboration with NASA, is a complex 2,354 piece build that pays homage to this pioneering moment in space history and marks the 40th anniversary since the first Space Shuttle flight on 12th of April 1981. The set, aimed at adults, features the Discovery orbiter with functional landing gear, payload bay doors, elevons and rudder; and the famous Hubble Space Telescope, which can either be folded and contained within the payload bay or expanded with solar array and displayed separately. Both also come with a display plaque which features key data from the mission.

To help launch the product they teamed up with former NASA Astronaut Dr. Kathy Sullivan (the first American woman to walk in space) who was part of the original NASA STS-31 mission that launched the Hubble Space Telescope. The product announcement features a nice video of her going through the LEGO set and by golly am I sold on this. Although I keep throwing money at my monitor and nothing seems to be happening. Just *continues to throw money at monitor* take it already.

Keep going for some more shots as well as the launch video. The set is scheduled to release April 1, 2021 for $200.



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