Fireworks stockpile explosion caught on video in Ontario, California

March 17, 2021


This is footage from a fireworks stockpile that exploded in a residential home yesterday in Ontario, California.

Two people were killed when the large fireworks stash exploded in the inland Southern California community, setting off a series of blasts and sending a towering smoke plume over the neighborhood. Smoke continued to waft from the neighborhood early Wednesday morning as authorities continued to search a debris field that covered about 80 properties.

Investigators were waiting early Wednesday to search the properties, which are being cleared by bomb technicians. Team members are using robots when necessary to handle possibly unexploded ordnance.

This wasn't like some industrial fireworks factory explosion. Basically some people had a stockpile of illegal fireworks in their home and the whole thing exploded. Obviously people need to make a living and people were killed in the incident so this is terrible, but what were they thinking? It'd be like owning a gas station and keeping barrels of gasoline in your bedroom.

Keep going for the full video.

UPDATE: Added a video from the house next door at the moment of explosion.

And video from the neighbor's house during the explosion:

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