Video of United Airlines Flight 328's engine on fire mid flight

February 22, 2021


Shortly after takeoff from Denver to Hawaii, United Airlines Flight 328 experienced an engine failure when the right engine's inlet separated. The engine ended up catching on fire and debris fell to areas outside Denver.

A United Boeing 777-200, registration N772UA performing flight UA-328 from Denver,CO to Honolulu,HI (USA) with 229 passengers and 10 crew, was in the initial climb out of Denver's runway 25 when the right hand engine's (PW4077) inlet separated associated with the failure of the engine. The crew declared Mayday reporting an engine failure. The aircraft stopped the climb at about 13000 feet, the crew requested to return to Denver after running the checklists.

And this was the view from the ground:


What I don't understand is how the video is so steady and calm. If I was taking the video you would hear constant screaming and there would probably be severe shaking every time more pee and poo came out of me.

Keep going for the full video, as well as video of the plane safely landing with the busted engine. It's a testament to modern engineering that the plane was able to fly so smoothly considering one of the damn engines was on fire.

And the plane landing with the failed engine:

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