LEGO has a calming Bonsai Tree set for people who suck at plants

January 14, 2021


Because LEGO knows I'm both losing my mind and terrible at taking care of plants, they've released a LEGO Bonsai tree as part of their LEGO Botanical collection. The set costs $49.99 and includes 878 pieces. Now all somebody needs to do is design a LEGO therapist for me to talk to. I drew a face on a broom but it's just not cutting it. Mostly because I started dating Broomy and it would be unethical for her to stay my therapist.

Keep going for a video of the LEGO designer Niko explaining his creation. He looks 100% like the kind of guy that would design a LEGO Bonsai Tree. I mean, except that he's not Japanese. So, uh, he looks 100% what you'd expect a white guy who designed a LEGO Bonsai tree to look like. I'm pretty sure if the camera panned down under the table you'd see him kicking a hacky sack.

(via Laughing Squid)

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