Guy spends $5k on a rough opal and polishes it into something worth way more

January 19, 2021


This guy spent $5,000 on a piece of rough opal, gambling if it would turn out to be a green-blue stone or be worthless and riddled with sand. Turns out it was actually a 6.42-carat gem black opal worth $36,000.

I can't believe what a wild ride this opal took us on. I went from hopeful about cutting a lovely blue-green stone to absolutely shattered thinking that I paid $5,000 for sand.

After an absolute ripper of a journey, we uncovered a stunning 6.42-carat gem black opal. This gems pattern is unreal with Cats Eye, Chaff, Flagstone and a little glimpse of Script Pattern. The orange came over the whole stone with a beautiful N2 body tone and B5 vivid brightness.

The insane gem uncovered today was a total gamble; blue-green opal rarely turns into a fiery orange, and we were fortunate to witness it. I'm shaking from the emotional rollercoaster this piece just put me through, but I'm so happy you could join me in uncovering this gem black opal.

Anyway, here's a 25 minute video of him polishing the stone and making the discovery. Although at the end of the day, a polished rock is still a rock. It's crazy that somebody might actually end up spending $36,000 on this when they could be spending it on something more worthwhile like cool Fortnite upgrades.

Keep going for the full video. It's long.

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