This guy made a time-lapse of his facial hair growing while lip-syncing

December 16, 2020


Joaquin Baldwin made this time-lapse music video of his facial hair growing during Covid lockdown while lip-syncing "Better Days" by Radical Face.

Timelapse animation music video, with my beard growing through Covid lockdown. Using my face as a stop-motion puppet (a technique called pixilation), I took 2,117 individual photos, every night, over 101 days, and synchronized the actions to the song "Better Days" by @Radical Face (used with permission).

All these people working on cool projects during lockdown and all I've been working on is my diabetes. As in getting it. Look, if the grocery store didn't want me to buy all of their Oreos then they should've put a limit on them like toilet paper.

Keep going for the full video as well as one explaining his process of making it.

And a video explaining how he made it:

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