Caterpillar mimicking a tarantula spider

December 23, 2020


David Weiller took this incredible footage of a monkey slug caterpillar mimicking a tarantula spider. Here's his description of the video:

Monkey Slug Caterpillar (Phobetron Hipparchia, Limacodidae) from the Amazon Rainforest of Puyo, Ecuador.

This mesmerizing caterpillar mimics a hairy tarantula spider with its oddly long hairy arms curling out.

When looking at the underside, it looks like a slug with its suction cups prolegs and its tiny legs.

This caterpillar is the larvae of the hag moth.

Literally every sentence of that description made me want to throw up. Keep going for the full video. It's every bit as weird and disgusting as it sounds.

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