Can you tell a 'Trump' fridge from a 'Biden' Fridge?

November 2, 2020


The New York Times has put together a weird quiz seeing if readers can guess the politics of a person based on the contents of their fridge. I didn't even know this was a thing, but quality reporting is quality reporting:

We wondered if it was possible to identify Trump and Biden voters based on what's inside their refrigerators, on the theory it might say something about our similarities and our assumptions about one another. So we teamed up with Lucid, an online survey platform, to ask a representative sample of U.S. residents whom they're planning to vote for -- and whether they'd open their refrigerators and take a picture of the contents. Hundreds did.

You can take the quiz for yourself here, but first you should ask yourself if this is even a thing you thought you could do before you heard the proposal. I mean, does The New York Times think Trump supporters are eating MAGA hats? Or that Biden supporters store NPR podcasts next to their eggs? I'll admit I took my crack at the quiz, but what kind of lunatic even came up with this? The only thing you can tell from my fridge is that I'm this close to having a heart attack and may or may not believe mayonnaise is a food group.

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