Arizona troopers deploy Grappler Bumper to safely end pursuit

November 11, 2020


A driver on San Tan Loop 202 in Arizona called 911 saying the car behind her was chasing and rear-ending her. The suspect kept ramming the driver even after Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers showed up, so they decided to deploy a Grappler Bumper to end the pursuit. The Grappler Bumper is basically a net that's attached to the front of a police vehicle and can be lowered with the touch of a button. When the net contacts the tire, it's pulled over the axel and the vehicle is immobilized within five or six seconds.

This thing is shockingly effective and I hope they go out of business because what fun are high speed pursuits if they all come to a safe and anti-climactic end? I want crashes and explosions, not cars coming slowly to a stop on the side of a road. I basically want all high speed pursuits to look like they were directed by Michael Bay.

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