AI camera mistakes referee's bald head for soccer ball

November 3, 2020


Soccer club Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC recently announced they were moving away from using human camera operators to cameras controlled by AI that had build-in "ball-tracking technology". Well apparently their fancy new AI camera system kept mistaking the referee's bald head for the soccer ball during a recent match.

The AI camera appeared to mistake the man's bald head for the ball for a lot of the match, repeatedly swinging back to follow the linesman instead of the actual game. Many viewers complained they missed their team scoring a goal because the camera "kept thinking the Lino bald head was the ball," and some even suggested the club would have to provide the linesman with a toupe or hat.

Keep going for the highlights video which also highlights how poorly the AI camera did its job. One can only imagine what it would do if any or all of the players were also bald. Would it just bounce back and forth around the field until it decided to put itself out of its own misery and jump off a bridge?

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