Boom unveils their supersonic XB-1 jet

October 8, 2020


Boom has unveiled their XB-1 supersonic jet, despite it clearly being the absolute worst time in history to be in the airplane business. And since the obvious concern about supersonic jets are the sonic booms they create, here's what Boom has to say about it:

Overture flights will focus on 500+ primarily transoceanic routes that benefit from supersonic speeds--such as New York to London or San Francisco to Tokyo. Overture won't generate a sonic boom over land cruising at subsonic speeds. Its passengers won't even notice breaking through the "sound barrier," which will be inaudible and uneventful.

I'm glad there are people still pursuing the dream of supersonic travel because I'm the kind of busy jetsetter that needs to get places fast. Sure, the only travel I've done the past seven months is between my bed and sofa, but you should see how I do it. "Don't you roll? Don't you roll between your bed and sofa?" Yeah, but I do it really fast.

Keep going for the epileptic announcement video of the XB-1 as well as a video tour and the full 45-minute rollout video.

And the full rollout video:

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