Geekologie good. Fire bad.

October 27, 2020

Hey guys, I'm currently evacuated due to the California fires so there probably won't be any new posts until I have a place to post from. Preferably not a pile of burnt rubble. Good luck out there and stay safe.

UPDATE: The good news: my home didn't burn down. The bad news: my home is still a cardboard box.

No, Geekologie isn't going anywhere

There's obviously no way to fill the void left by Mr. Geekologie Writer, so in looking for a replacement we've decided to go for quantity over quality....

Note: Family Vacation This Week

Note: Mrs. Howell all day, every day. So I'm on a Caribbean cruise all week with my family and 3,100 octogenarians, many with mobility issues, and most...

Virus Warning

We've gotten a few people mentioning that they've received a virus warning when visiting the site today. We had our tech guys take a look at the problem...

Sorry about the weird-behaving ad

Some of you guys are experiencing a T-Mobile ad that's hovering in the middle of the page, where it's not supposed to be. There's a problem with...
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