Modifying 'The Matrix' so polarized 3D glasses show raining Matrix text

September 9, 2020


Twitter user Mike Mika modified the Kung Fu fight between Neo and Morpheus in The Matrix so that his polarized 3D glasses would show one side as the raining Matrix text and the other as the fight to simulate how it might look to the characters watching it in the movie.

And Mike explaining the process:

Now that I know you can embed video in other videos, obviously I'm going to figure out a way to watch porn while my girlfriend is watching Selling Sunset. "Dear, do you mind if we watch while wearing these glasses? Also, keep your left eye closed the entire time. Whatever you do, don't open your left eye."

Turtle high fiving an alligator

Not gonna lie. The way the year's been going, I wouldn't mind getting in on some of that high five action. The perfect Tik Tok exists...—...
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