Witnesses aim laser pointer at alleged UFO in Big Bear

August 11, 2020


This is footage taken in Big Bear by Eddie Garcia of him and his friends allegedly aiming a laser pointer at a UFO. The UFO zips around and at one point even flashes a bright light back at the camera. According to Eddie:

This was at big bear with a ce5 team, myself included, in these videos you can see everything. from bugs, airplanes and satellites to the real good stuff the et crafts. this is raw footage, nothing added, very successful night.

I'm not insane so I also did not know what a "ce5 team" was, but apparently it stands for Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) team. So, yes, these guys are actively looking for space aliens, but that doesn't mean this isn't a space alien. I just need somebody better at video debunking to tell me why this is fake. Or, if not fake, some reasonable explanation for what I'm looking at. Because taken at face value, these guys may have just started an interplanetary war.

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