Upscaling the oldest recorded video using neural networks

August 6, 2020


Using an ensemble of neural networks, YouTuber Denis Shiryaev upscaled the oldest recorded video: Louis Le Prince's Roundhay Garden Scene which was shot in October of 1888. His source wasn't even a video, but this glass copy negative he pulled from the Science Museum Group website:

Glass-copy negative-of Roundhay-Garden-Scene.jpg

There are a lot of weird artifacts, but the results are pretty damn impressive considering the source was just a single image of 20 frames. At this rate eventually you'll be able to pull three images off somebody's Facebook page and let computers spit out a feature length film. And in my case the film would be about a man's love affair with store-bought frozen pizzas. Where do I collect my Academy Award?

Keep going for the full video which includes an explanation of Denis' process.

(via Hedonistica)

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