A massive (most likely unintentional) explosion just went off in Beirut

August 4, 2020


The cause is unknown, but a massive explosion just occurred in Lebanon's capital Beirut.

The Associated Press is reporting that a fire started at a fireworks factory and then moved over to a neighboring building that caused the massive followup explosion. Apparently at least 25 are dead and over 2,500 injured. It's incredibly horrible, and I'm only posting this because everybody everywhere will be posting it and they probably need as much attention and help as possible right now.

I've included a few more videos after the jump that show the aftermath to help reconcile the astounding magnitude of the explosion with the absolute human devastation.

EDIT: Added some more videos of people getting hit by the shockwave as they're filming. It's unbelievably terrifying.

And some incredibly shocking videos of people actually being hit by the shockwave:

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