Wheee: The multi-terrain off-road 'Not-a-Wheelchair'

July 1, 2020


An entrepreneurial YouTuber has designed an off-road "wheelchair" with his partner that he's calling Not-a-Wheelchair. It's fully electric and can reach 12mph with a range of about 10-20 miles and starts at $4,750.

Cambry and I decided to put our heads together, and build our own off road wheelchair. Something that's quick and light with a super long range.

It looks capable enough to handle a mild hiking trail, but probably not much beyond that. And if anybody is wondering why they're branding it as "Not-a-Wheelchair" it's because wheelchairs have to be regulated by the FDA and I'm assuming that's something they want to avoid. They probably don't want to be sued when I inevitably try to take it up Everest and die.

Keep going for a video of the thing in action.

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