Tesla Model 3 narrowly avoids flying tire

July 7, 2020


A Tesla Model 3 owner narrowly avoided an accident when their Autopilot warned them of an oncoming tire flying down the freeway. According to the driver:

The Tesla did not dodge the tire, I did. However, the autopilot gave me the time and view which allowed me to see the tire coming from the other side of the freeway. Also, the car stabilized very quickly after swerving to avoid getting hit. The car kept me from flipping over and spinning out into five lanes of traffic.

So technically Autopilot just told the guy there was a tire flying at him and it was up to him to actually dodge it. It's a cool story, but I need my Autopilot to do all the dodging for me. I can't be trusted to save my own life. Coordination isn't one of my strong suits and if it was up to me I'd end up driving straight into the tire, and then into the divider, and then into all the cars in front of me, and then somehow into a gas station that would explode into a giant fireball.

Keep going for the full video of the near miss.

EDIT: So it's a bit vague, but it actually seems like the only reason they dodged the tire was because they were using Autopilot and then just kind of looking around taking in the scenery and saw an incoming tire. So technically the Autopilot didn't really do anything except let this guy not focus on the road and instead focus on more important things like random objects flying towards his car.

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